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LCD Digitizer Assembly LCD Digitier Housing Back Camera Front Camera Charging Port Home Button Loud Speaker Earpiece Vibrate Motor Flex Cable Battery Internal Part Adhesive Tester Tools Accessories
40mm 44mm
White Silver Gold Green Pink Black Red Blue Gray Orange Black+Red Rose Gold Coral Yellow Space Gray Light Gray Jet Black Dark Gray Purple Midnight Green Hot Pink Navy Hot Pink Deep Green Mirror Grey Almond Nebula Blue Midnight Black Mirror Black Thunder Purple Silk White Amber Red Lava Red Sandstone White Slate Gray Soft Gold Gunmetal Graphite Black Sandstone Black Breathing Crystal Aurora Amber Sunrise Pearl White Misty Lavender Mystic Blue Peacock Blue Twilight Midnight Blue Pink Gold Klein Blue Sakura Pink Mystic Silver Dazzling Gold Dazzling Blue Greenery Ceramic White Sapphire Blue Emerald Green Space Silver Cosmic Purple Mocha Brown Champagne Gold Prestige Gold Aurora Blue Aurora Purple Amber Brown Phantom Blue Phantom Red Phantom Green Glacier Grey Blue Bird Violet Navy Blue Iris Purple Primrose Gold Airy blue Pearl White Cherry Pink Sand Gold Space Black Jet Black Graphite Black Lime Gold Warm Silver Ice Blue Moss Green Coral Pink Horizon Blue Twilight Pink Universe Black Mist Blue Liquid Black Liquid Silver Deep Green Ash Pink Moonlit Blue Venus Pink Mineral Black Platinum Forest Blue Deep Pink Deepsea Black Luminous Chrome Bronze Pink Chrome Copper Aurora Black Platinum Gray Moroccan Blue Carmine Red Cloud Silver Lavender Violet Raspberry Rose Astro Black Mystic White Ice Platinum Terra Gold Marine Blue Ceramic Black Translucent Black Amazing Silver Solar Red Ice White Brilliant Black Cosmetic Pink Carbon Gray Glacier Silver Camellia Red Topaz Gold Opal Silver Deep Garnet Gunmetal Gray Amber Gold Prism Black Prism White Prism Green Prism Blue Canary Yellow Flamingo Pink Cardinal Red Smoke Blue Coral Blue Titanium Gray Lilac Purple Burgundy Red Sunrise Gold Polaris Blue Orchid Gray Arctic Silver Maple Gold Rose Pink Black Pearl Deep Sea Blue Star Pink Pure White Metallic Copper Lavender Purple Ocean Blue Alpine White Aura Black Aura White Aura Glow Aura Blue Aura Pink Aura Red Phantom Black Ghost White Angel Gold Deep Blue Coral Orange Orchid Grey Cosmic Black Cosmic Grey Cloud Blue Cloud White Aura Red Cloud Pink Pacific Blue Graphite Mystic Green Mystic Bronze Mystic Gray Mystic Red Mystic Blue Mystic Black Mystic White Cloud Lavender Cloud Mint Cloud Navy Cloud White Cloud Red Cloud Orange Phantom Gray Phantom White Phantom Violet Phantom Pink Phantom Silver Phantom Gold Phantom Red Phantom Titanium Phantom Navy Phantom Brown Light Pink/Blue Black Ceramic White Ceramic Silver Frost Blush Gold Onyx Gray Glacier Blue Gradient Bronze Shadow Black Frost White Aqua Green Interstellar Gray Glacier White Tropical Green Midnight Grey Polar White Forest Green Midnight Gray Cloud White Horizon Blue Violet Cosmic Black Lunar Silver Solstice Grey Coral Green Twilight Grey Peach Gold Aquamarine Green Onyx Black Ultramarine Blue Glacial Green Interstellar Glow Haze Blue Papaya Orange Frosted Silver Natural
iPhone 7/8 iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus iPhone X/XS iPhone XR iPhone XS Max Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 Plus iPhone 6/6 Plus K7 LS675 K10(2018) K11 LG K40 LG K12 Plus LG X4 (2019) LG V35 ThinQ LG V35+ ThinQ G975F G975U G973F G973U G970F G970U G965U G965F G960F G960U G955F G955U G950F G950U G935A G935P G935T G935V G935R G935F G930A G930P G930T G930V G930R G930F G988 G985 G980 A710 N981F,N981U N981F N981U N986F N986U G781F G781U G991F G991U G996F G996U G998F G998U
16G 32G 64G
BM3B BM50 BM51 Single Card Dual Cards US Version EU Version International US ATT Cellular Version GPS Version AU Version International version
4G 5G
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